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Artist | Student | Other
I like books


Proxt High- Rule 63 Trigo and Trish
Trigo and his gender bended version Trish
Real names: Trigo=Maledictus(Mal)

Bullet; White Do they look WAY older than they should be?
Proxy High: Student Application Form(update)


                                                                                                               { Basic information }

Name: Trigo
Real name: Maledictus
Nick name: Tri, Trig, Mal
Age: 17
Day of Birth: September 28th
Height: 5.8' ft.
Gender: Male
Class: Red
Notable features: 
  • a scar on his left cheek and left side of his neck
  • a scar on his left cheek and left side of his neck
  • gray hair
  • gray eyes
  • the red scarf his using as a belt

Weapon of choices: 
  • Two Black Sickles
  • Vials of poison and a Syringe

                                                                                                                   { Personal Information }

Likes: Books, Art, Fluffy hair, Cold, Chasing cats, Music, Philosophy, History, Weirdness, Sciency Stuff, Wings, Trench coats, Coats, Movies, Anime, Animals, Puns and Jokes, Classics, Unknown (supernatural) beings

Dislikes: His real name, Organizations, Traitors (oh the irony), Relationships, Idiots, Boredom, Heat
Fears: Dogs
Personality: Trigo is a bit cheerful of a person but most of the time he just stays with himself unless talked to or with his friends. He can be VERY talkative when he wants to. He can sometimes space out or gets easily distracted. He is, of course, an Ambivert. He is very loyal to those who he pledge his loyalty to. He can also be lazy.


Short History:

                Trigo’s Real name is Maledictus and he grew up in a remote village in the woods. He and his sister were orphans and seen as demons by the

village because of their belief that orphans were made by the devil. For years other kids would bully Maledictus and his older sister would protect him until

his sister got hit by a rock in the head thrown by the kids. One day half of the village was burned down by an unknown assailant and the entire village

blamed Maledictu* and his sister. They tried to get away but due to his sister’s wound on the head she told Maledict** to leave her and escape. He did as he

was told but he watched as his sister was burned in a stake. A few days later, after wondering in the woods for so long, Maledic*** was found by an

organization called “******” and for a year he worked for the organization.  The organization gave him two black sickles and taught him how to make vials

of poison, and used him to kill some of their enemies, some of which are unknown being in which Maledi**** was fascinated upon.  Unfortunately the

organization targeted Slenderman in which some of the members were curios or fascinated upon that they made a secret group for him. Maled***** ,

being a member of this group, cannot accept the plan as well. They both want Slenderman but one side wants him dead , the other wants him for answers

and other scientific/ supernatural reasons. Before the organization begin their plan, Male****** and the group stopped them although most of them were

either captured or died they did manage to cripple the organization enough that they cannot hunt Slenderman. Mal****** manage to escape the

organization. For a few weeks Trigo wondered throughout the woods again before finding the old village where he came from, as old memories came

rushing back he became enraged and using his two sickles & poisons to kill some own the town members and became a Serial Killer. Unfortunately they

found him out and chased him into the woods. Ma******* manage to lose them but not before slamming into Slenderman. As said earlier, M*********

is very fascinated with Slenderman, and pledge his loyalty to him, and Slenderman accepted it considering he’s been watching *********** ever since his

escape from the organization. From that day onward he changed his name into Trigo and is now living in Proxy High.


                                                                                                                        { Abilities }

Skill and Strength:

  • Very fast
  • Is very sneaky
  • His singing ability will kill you (for enemies)
  • Can find puns in everything
  • Will be sarcastic if needed
  • Can work both alone and in a group
  • Can take normal hits (punches, kicks, etc.)



  • Dogs
  • Easily distracted
  • His singing ability WILL kill you (for allies)
  • Can’t take shots too well


  • Trigo names his sickles “Erebus” and “Chaos”

Bullet; BlackNote:
I re-upload this because apparently the last one's info didn't show up so sorry  

"Sorry there good sirs and ma'am but I'm afraid we can't let you go out"

The attack that I said in the updated proxy high app:…


No journal entries yet.



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